A Cat’s Life

SAMSUNGSnow, my sweet white deaf kitty, has hyperesthesia of her tail. This means she attacks her tail as if it is attacking her. During these times I don’t think she realizes her tail is part of her body!  It is time to see Lena McCullough, DVM for acupunture.  Acupuncture soothes the savage beast in Snow, calming her nervous system, so she no longer attacks the “bad” tail.  In addition to seeing her attack her tail, I found blood all over the wall at cat height, she has swished her bitten tail and painted the wall. The wall is now clean, hopefully none of my friends  have luminol – it will look as though I was killing small animals! Ugh!

More cat tails to come. As some of you know I inherited two wonderful cats this last year after having been catless for many years. I’d forgotten how much I love living with cat energy.

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