Hands To Paws Animal Massage

In Memoriam

Dakota Nick

Dakota 1997 - 2011

Nick 2000 - 2012


Jake wilbur

Jake 9/15/97 - 7/23/2012


Wilbur was a gift.  Today he joined Jake.
Both are at peace. 7/30/2012


Bud Pushkin

Buddy 1/1/94 – 9/20/12
Buddy gave me the gift of massage


Pushkin, “the Prince”, “Sir P”, age 16. After 4 years and 4 months of weekly massages and “vacations” at Casa de Los Perros you became part of the fabric of my life. I miss you.

Gorilla Student Gorilla

Gorilla 4/15/97 – 12/1/12
Gorilla taught me all I know about dog massage.

Gorilla came for a last visit and soaked up some warmth from the fire.  He is now with his fellow massage teachers Buddy, Big Sam, Jake, Honey, Maggie and Rosie.

Kalinu Sadie

Kalinu age 14 ½  You really knew how to enjoy a massage! I miss you

Sadie, age 12. Sadie was one of the original cat detection dogs with Missing Pet Partnership.

Nina Sara Sue

Sweet Nina

Sara Sue

Winky Dandie



Rahja Coco

Rajah age 17 Always greeted me with a big hello

Sweet little Coco 12/10/01 to 5/4/13

Sammy Sammy2

Sammy age 12 ½

Sammy and Steve

Clipsey Abby

Clipsey, age 18

Abby, March 9, 2000 - August 22, 2013

Snow Billy

Snow, 6 years old.

Billy, age 14.  About to do his favorite thing: eating tomatoes

Spindrift Bella

Sprindrift age 17

Bella, age 10.

Skylar Spencer


September 1, 2000 – November 29, 2013

Lucy Captain Wrinkles

Lucy 1999 - 2014

"Joyful, joyful, joyful, as only dogs know how to be happy with only the automony of their shameless spirit" -Pablo Neruda

Captain Wrinkles



Jackson 9/1/2000-8/19/2014

Dylan Shadow

Dylan "The Sweet" Age 12.5

Age 15, "Shadow was a puppy in spirit all his life".

Peaches Boo

Peaches  Bear 10/31/03-10/28/14

Boo and his ball    11 years old

Hennessy Harley



Smudge Fletcher



Bosley dancin

Bosley Age 14

Dancin March 9, 2001-May 4, 2014

Kirby Otis


Otis Age 17

Gracie Gracie

Gracie - Best Freind

Gracie and her Dad

Brooks Annie



Shadow Sadie



Spyke Reba



Cougar Abby


Abby 6/8/2000 - 2/3/2016

Penny Lottie

Penney 4/19/2000 - 2/15/1016

Lottie age 12

Daisy Copper

Daisy July 1, 2003 - March 19, 2016

Copper Age 14

Fitz Kody

Fitz April 19, 2005 - April 7, 2016

Kody Age 11

Ben Lea

Ben, age 12

Lea, age 14

Eddie Bentley

Eddie, age 9

Bentley age 12, December 7, 2016

Alex Reba

Alex, age 13, 2/12/17

Reba 3/11/04 - 2/10/17

In Memoriam

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