Hands To Paws Animal Massage

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is an ancient healing method that allows a Being to absorb Life Force energy. Although Life Force energy is present at birth, daily life depletes us and our animals of this energy. When the Life Force energy is not replaced, an animal can become ill.  As a Reiki master I am a channel for Reiki energy. By laying my hands on an animal, I direct the Reiki energy into the animal. Reiki relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, balances and replenishes energy. Reiki gives an animal an additional supply of energy to use for healing and makes them less susceptible to stress and illness.

I have spent years studying various forms of energy and color healing – Quan Yin, Full Spectrum Light, Tree of Life, Lightarian Reiki– to name a few.  I incorporate gems and stones in my work as they add additional color therapy and  energy to the process. I continue to work with my Mentor, Anne de Vore, Ph.D. expanding my view of healing and increasing my skill set.

Hospice & Transition Work

In addition to Rehabilitation and Maintenance Massage I work with animals during the final stage of their lives, including assisting their transition from life to death. Massage therapy and Reiki comfort the spirit as well as the body. My background in counseling, personal experience and Energy work come together during these times. As guardians we often have trouble letting these sweet Beings pass, sometimes holding on to them too long... I work with the guardian to help them come to terms with the eventual passing of their pet. I am asked questions such as “What does the dying process look like? Will I know when it is time? Is my pet suffering? Will my pet die on its own? Having witnessed the deaths of fourteen of my pets I can speak from experience. I will refer guardians back to their veterinarians with questions or to other resources.

When I work with an animal energetically the Being of the animal is able to choose to actively and consciously die or continue to live. Additionally, the Energy benefits the whole family- humans and other animals. The Energy I bring in knows where to go, in other words who can benefit from it.

I know this work is difficult for many to talk about but it is a part of life. I feel honored to be present during this final stage.  I love these furry Beings and see my calling as being able to soothe them with
massage and Energy work while they live active lives and when they are dying.

In Memoriam

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