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gravatareddie Eddie “helping” with Fall cleanup

The Pet Industry

gravatarThis is an interesting article about the pet industry.  We’ve come a long way from the Alpo and yearly vet visits of my childhood.

Meet Daisy Rose – our new addition to the family



On the Road to Massage, Reiki & Acupuncture

  Pickles, Bambi, Emma, Oliver, Lancelot and Harley (the cat) is in the back. Mary, their intrepid Chauffeur and doting mother brings them to West Seattle through sleet and snow to have massage, Reiki, and Acupuncture. What a fun session it is.   Photo: My last clients of the week (Harley the cat not in photo but also along for the ride) with Mary Schumacher and Jennifer Streit

Dancin’s Food Blog

Here is the latest, Mommy said she was able to finish War and Peace while I was eating dinner from her hand last night.  I’m not sure that was a compliment…..more later I have to go pick at my food. I think she is starting the Iliad !dancinchrist

Dancin’s Blog – OMG

Okay okay, my mom has a right to be upset.  She gave me 8 dog food items, I ate a couple of the treats. She even tried dry cat food.  I Just couldn’t do it. I danced around like I wanted food (that makes mom really crazy).  Then she brought out the  big guns – syringe and baby food. I let her give me a few syringes of the baby food, once we were both wearing it again, I decided to eat off the plate. Yum!


Dancin’s Food Blog

…after decorating the cupboards with pureed salmon last night, wearing organic chicken and sweet potato baby food this morning I decided we’d stick to dry options tonight. The Feline Greenies for hairball control were a big hit. I let her have five, she would have eaten the whole package.  On to Orijen 6 Fish for cats, gobbled several handfuls down!  I always knew she was a dog-cat! At this point I’m doing the happy dance, Dancin ate and I am not wearing or wiping off any gloppy substances….Dancin sends her love…


Pet’s Ashes Memorialized in Glass Blown Hearts

 Radio Host Julie Forbes and Celebrate the Life of Your Beloved Pet

Have Your Pet’s Ashes Immortalized into Beautiful Glass-Blown Hearts

Heart to Heart — Remembering Pets We Have Loved and Lost

 Benefitting The AHELP Project

Monday, December 16

 Seattle — Dec. 4 — Our pets’ end of life process is as important as any other and Seattle-based dog expert Julie Forbes, host of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes (heard live 2-3 p.m. each Wednesday on 1150AM KKNW) will host “Heart to Heart — Remembering Pets We Have Loved and Lost” on Monday, December 16 to help pet owners celebrate the lives of animals who have passed on by immortalizing their ashes into beautiful glass-blown hearts by Rainbow Bridge Hearts.  Brandie Ahlgren, founder and editor of CityDog Magazine will co-host the event.


 Julie Forbes, host of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes along with Brandie Ahlgren, founder and editor of CityDog Magazine


 Heart to Heart — Remembering Pets We Have Loved and Lost.  Have your pet’s ashes memorialized in a beautiful glass-blown heart — while you watch — byRainbow Bridge Hearts. Proceeds from the event benefit The AHELP Project, a Seattle animal hospice and end of life palliative care organization.  Julie and Brandie will also be immortalizing their beloved dogs Chewy and Scout with glass-blown hearts by Rainbow Bridge Hearts during the event.

 Note:  Pets’ ashes must be received by Rainbow Bridge Hearts no later than December 9 to be included in the Heart to Heart live event on December 16.


Artful Ashes at Glasseye Studios

600 NW 40th Street, Seattle


Monday, December 16

9 a.m. — Noon

Editor’s Notes:

 • Space is limited to the first 50 to RSVP.  RSVP to Richard at; 206.725.7095.  Delivery of ashes must be coordinated with Richard by December 9.

 • For those unable to attend the live event, arrangements can be made for your pet’s heart to be created.  Contact Richard at, 206.725.7095.



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