Dancin and the Salmon Gruel

Dancin is too weak to write having not eaten for 2 and a half days! My mission to buy baby food with which to force feed her was aborted by the snow/sleet and Seahawks game.  I decided to make my own. I smashed up the left over salmon, mixed it with goat milk, nutritious right? Filled  the feeding syringe,  syringe into Dancin’s mouth – nothing, too thick. Thin the gruel, cut the syringe to make a bigger opening  – try again. Nope. Take it out of her mouth and push on the syringe again – pop, the plug lets loose and salmon gruel sliding down the cupboards.  The coup de grâce, I placed the plate with the remaining salmon and goat milk on the floor and she licked it clean as I wiped down the cupboards.. Feeling stronger now, Dancin sends her love…_DSC3965

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